Ball Bearing Feeder Systems

Ball bearing feeders are fairly simple systems consisting of a base drive, control, custom band/bottom, and tube discharge. Their easy construction allows them to be fully customized for the customers needs.


These types of systems are much different from the average vibratory feeder system. Tooling is minimal and these systems are essentially maintenance free. The biggest problem with feeding ball bearings is that they cam-lock when you use vibratory shakers and other “gravity” fed system. However, with a vibratory ball bearing feeder you get rotational motion from the base drive, so you are left with single line of feed at a very high rate. Some custom ball bearing feeders are able to feed multiple lines of parts and also multiple sizes. If you have multiple ball bearing sizes you would like to feed, then we would fabricate a system that has a “quick changeover” bowl. Each bowl corresponds to the required ball bearing size, and they are universal to “1” base drive. Operators use the easy access, hand crank to loosen and tighten each bowl.

When the ball bearings exit the vibratory feeder, you have several options to choose from to make the transition from our machine to yours. Some systems have blow feed pumps and others have a standard tube pipe for the customer to change. FCI can construct a tube adapter for the customer to attached their existing tube. Also, as seen in the attached video, FCI will construct a tube adapter assembly separate from the system. This allows the customer to mount the adapter to their existing tubing. If needed, the single control can be equipped with a prox shut off switch. This allows you to mount the prox wherever needed and once the signal is made our system can be shutdown. With a prox track switch you have the ability to adjust on/off delay and sensitivity for your application. On FCI’s control there is a dry contact to shutdown the system for the customers convenience. In this instance the customer could be counting ball bearings and shutdown our system on demand once there escapement fills to a set point. FCI ball bearing feeders are great systems that are reliable in any application.

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