Gravity Tracks

On many critical machines there are factors that require parts from a vibratory feeder bowl to be discharged at an angle or “downhill”. That is where our gravity tracks come in to play. At feeding concepts we can discharge your parts at the highest angle of 45 degrees. With that extreme angle we are able to get your parts in very critical locations. Be sure to add it to your quote request and we will be glad to help you with any of your gravity track needs.

Gravity Track Specifications


Discharge Angle

Up to 45 degrees

Track Materials

A-2 tool steel

316 stainless steel

Track Running Surface Finishing

Carburized heat treated w/Black Oxide

Nickel Plating

Flash Chrome

Teflon(total chemical inertness, excellent dielectric stability)

Surlyn(FDA approved)

High Level Track Switches

Plastic Fibers

Shielded Glass Fibers








Stand Construction

Carbon steel bar w/ jack screws


US( Black Oxide or Stainless)

Metric(Black Oxide or Stainless)

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