Pneumatic Escapements

Depending on the application you may need a pneumatic escapement implemented with your feeding system. At Feeding Concepts we have several escapement options:

Air Venturi:
Using a venturi vacuum pump, parts will get blown from the discharge through flexible, polyethylene tubing into the customers machine. If one part at a time is required(“escape and blow”) to air escape then a two-finger toggle escapement will be added.

Two-Finger Toggle:
A two-finger toggle mechanism can be used to escape one part a time. Typically used on gravity tracks and air venturi’s, they can be timed directly through the customers PLC using a 24v valve. At each moment one finger “holds” while the other “releases”.

Side Shuttle:
On a custom designed side shuttle the part is isolated and shuttled to the side for part pickup.

Rotary Actuator Escapements:
On our rotary actuator mechanisms parts get indexed 180 degrees for part pickup.

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