Vibratory Feeder Bowl vs. Other Parts Feeding Equipment

The first vibratory feeders emerged nearly 80 years ago. They are the workhorses of automation and are still praised to this day. Many have tried to develop systems as replacements, but nothing can compare.

When you look at other systems they do not have the “edge” that vibratory feeder bowls have. To this day they still have the upper hand on the most common factors people look at when purchasing feeding equipment:

  • Cost-effective
  • Minimal real estate
  • Fully customizable
  • Low maintenance
  • Fast feed rates
  • Easy operation
  • Safe
  • Simple part changeover

Here at feeding concepts we have seen time and time again establishments trying to make feeding systems that require robots with vision, or the use of encoders and part tracking. None of those methods can compare to the vibratory feeder bowl design. Mathematically those systems cannot get the rate/consistency and be cost effective at the same time. People like our vibratory feeder bowl systems because:

They don’t show up late for work.

They don’t require an annual salary.

They don’t need insurance.

They don’t complain.

They don’t have a lot of moving parts that break down.

They don’t work slow.

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