Video Buyoff’s

After your system has been tested by our technicians and has completed final inspection you will receive a preliminary video buyoff of the system with each different part shown. This allows you to see the system operating without actually traveling to our facility, which in the end will save you a substantial amount of time and money. When we video each system the first thing we do is an overall shot from every angle and then we power the system up. Each video ranges between 5-10 minutes long depending on how many different parts are implemented in one package. The still video shots of each selector and cam will give you an understanding of how the system is designed and also the setup required.

To finalize the video we proceed to the discharge area; the most important part of any feeding system. From this point we give a 2-3 minute still video shot of the system showing the rate count and orientation at which the parts are feeding. If your system has a track switch sensor, we will back the parts up at the end of the discharge to show the system shuts down when the track is full. On the other hand, if your system does not require a track switch it is either free-running or regulated by a proximity sensor at the end of the discharge. We will show the operation of that equipment also in the final video buyoff video. We can provide more pictures and video upon request. Final approval via video buyoff is the most important part of a project at FCI because we want to make sure that the system is everything the customer ordered and up to expectations. To view current video buyoff’s please visit the Video Buyoff FTP Site.

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