Vision Feeding Systems

In some cases your application may require vision in some way depending on the orientation needed. Anything from small sensing stations with photoelectric sensors to programmable vision cameras can be used. In addition to part selection with vision systems, FCI can also construct systems that will allow the customer to inspect their parts with their own sensing technology. For example, the parts could be discharged out onto a conveyor belt(w/backlight if needed) so the customer can check for defects that got past quality control.



Vision Camera– Inspects part for proper orientation and differentiates between good/bad parts with an air blow-off or cylinder.

Trigger/Gate- Usually a laser or some other optic. Sends an output signal to a vision camera(“look now”) or valve to successfully trigger an inspection/operation.

Level Control Switch- Regulates parts in feeder so system is populated correctly from the hopper/elevator and does not overload. These would include laser sensors and paddle lever type switches.

Part Present-These are usually used in our dead nests and escapements. Once a part is present the sensor instantly sends a signal back to the control which initiates another operation.

High Level Track Switch– In the feeder industry these are the most critical sensors. They get used on all inlines, conveyors, and gravity tracks with parts that will not bubble-off efficiently in the bowl. Once the straight-line or gravity track is full, the bowl and hopper/elevator turn off. This prevents extreme wear on the equipment and also noise levels will be low for a longer time period because the bowl and hopper/elevator will not be running full time. In addition, the track switch can activate an air jet to eject excess parts from the entrance to confinement, in which case the bowl would continue to run.

Low Level Track Switch– Commonly used to show a low level of parts on an inline, gravity track, or conveyor. They are designed to be directly configured with the customers PLC, so a signal is made when the track is low for a certain period of time.


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